60 days….

I have decided to try to improve my life in 60 days. It’s not that I’m unhappy in my life, I’m quite content but I feel that if I don’t mix things up I have the tendency to get bored or stuck in a bit of a rut, a comfortable rut! So the plan is to improve some aspects of my life for the next 60 days.

Why 60 days? Well, the number sounded quite nice when I was thinking about this. It’s a long enough period of time to make some real changes or to give something new a good go. And as a plus side 60 days takes us right up to Christmas Day!  (I won’t be starting until tomorrow, today is to iron out the finer points and figure out exactly what I’m going to do, rather than just waking up tomorrow and thinking “oh yeah, 60 days to a better me…. What do I do now?”

So the most logical place to start, in my rather scattered brain, is to work out what areas of my life I’m going to work on.

First one is easy, diet. But by diet I mean what exactly is going in my mouth, not how much. (Although if I’m honest I could stand to loose around a stone and a half to two stone) I have perhaps the most appalling diet of anyone I know! For example, right now it’s just after 12. Near enough lunch time. I’m sitting snacking on cheese and onion mini cheddars and Viennese whirl biscuits! So I want to be putting better quality foods into my mouth, things that have a better nutritional value, and hopefully the outcome will be a more energetic, better satisfied me! (Hopefully with the bonus of there being less of me also!)

Intellect comes to mind next. Or maybe better titled, Brain power. I feel sometimes that I don’t use my grey matter to its fullest. I don’t particularly stretch myself with the fiction I read (bit of a fan of young adult sci fic and fantasy over here!) I hold my hand up to rarely reading a news paper or even watching a news report on TV! (I do on occasion read headlines online) So the plan would be to find some interesting books to read and to try to delve into them a bit more in depth rather than just reading the words, find the meanings behind the words. I’m thinking book reports may become part of this blog. On the newsworthy front I’m intending on finding a newspaper I find easy to read and trying to keep upto date with what’s going on in the world. Again, reporting may make its way onto the blog.

Love thy self. Why is it that a mirror always shows up our flaws? I want to love myself. This is the only body I will get to inhabit in this lifetime and I want to be good to it. I want to accept it. I’ve had 30 something years in it, not accepting it. Wanting it to change, beating it up mentally, saying unkind things to it. Never acknowledging all the wonderful things it can and does do. So for 60 days I’m going to be good to my body. From relaxing, aromatherapy, candle lit baths to painting my nails. I’m going to celebrate every inch of me!

60 days of life. This one really encompasses everything else. Going for drinks with friends. Cooking meals for family. Going to see an exhibition. Going to that cafe I keep passing on my way to work. Trying that new restaurant. Things I always try to fit into Holiday time but never seem to have time for at other times.

I do do have a lot to fit in, but I’ve always liked a busy life and am not a keen fan of sitting still! Timetableing  may sneak in, I’ll see how I go but I have everything needed here. (Bought months ago at paper chase!)

(one final aspec which I haven’t added in, but who may make it to the final list are my adorable gorgeous boys. Of the four legged variety! My darling ponies may make an appearance, or they may get a whole blog to themselves!)

So that’s the plan….


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