Day One

Had a really bad start to the day. Woke up at 2am with a stinker of a headache, took a couple paracetamols and tried to get back to sleep whilst massaging my head! Hadn’t set the alarm on my new phone properly so slept in and was late getting to the farm to see the boys (which resulted in only having time to  turn out B and give P a quick check over) with all the rushing my headache came back and stayed with me at a dull throb all day 😦

But, on a plus side, feeling rather delicate forced me to be nice to myself! Despite being late I took the time to put my makeup on, something I only really do from time to time. I’m using bare minerals makeup at the moment and I really like it. I’ve never been much of a makeup kinda gal and find this really easy to use and quick to put on. I don’t have particularly bad skin, I get the odd spot but nothing horrendous however I do find if I’ve got a few spots the bar minerals actually helps my skin and usually after a couple days of wearing it my skin is clear again 🙂 (I’ve also been good and actually taken my makeup off this evening!)

I haven’t managed to read a newspaper today, but over a conversation with my mum at dinner time she was telling me about this mobile phone company disaster where the company has been hacked and a 15 year old charged!   It’s just nuts that a child could do that, but children today grow up with computer technology and learning to programme and speak computer is such a big part of most of their lives, I know my niece was talking about a small computer that you can use to programme things, I want to say it’s called apple pi or something like that! (I’m showing my age here!)

Asside from new, I started to read a book this afternoon called ‘The Hunt’ by Andrew Fukuda (titter!) It is still young adult sci if, but it’s an actual book, not a book on my kindle (not that there is anything wrong with kindle, I rather love it! But it’s nice to hold an actual book in my hands sometimes!)This one is….. Ok. Mediocre. I think I will read it to the end, it’s the first in a trilogy, but it’s not hard to see where the story is going. Not exactly the mental challenge I had hoped for, but it’s a book rather than Facebook to be reading on the bus on the way to work!

As for ruling my body with nutritious food, well let’s just say pasta has featured a lot today! But not crumb of chocolate or nibble of crisp has past  my lips today and I’m proud of myself for that! (I have got two shortbread fingers lined up, but they are for me to enjoy while I numb my mind with an episode of 90210, before going to bed with my book!)

I’m hoping as I go on I’ll do more planned things as despite what I’ve written I don’t really feel like I’ve thought today I’m going to do X,y and z. But that’s planning for you. I didn’t plan my day all that well. I’ll blame it on the headache!


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