Day two – or how mobile phones have made for entertaining dinner conversation

After two days of making an effort to eat dinner at the table with my mum, rather than disappearing off to my room with a plate, I have noticed that I feel much more satisfied, in belly and soul! There is something about having a chat and a giggle with my mum that just lightens my spirits, even if I didn’t feel they had become heavy. This evening, after enjoying strictly, it takes two together, we ended up having a conversation about texting and how phones change what your trying to say. This ended with me nearly in tears of laughter as she told me she had texted my nephew to tell him my dad had a fiver for him, but instead of saying his name the phone replaced it with… ‘Tiger has a fiver for you’! A tiger is about as far from my father as you can get! Laughter is so good, laughing with my mum is the best 🙂

Couple that with another day of wearing make-up (and remembering to take it off at night!) I feel that I am doing well with the old ‘be kind to thyself’ challenge.

i’m a bit further into my book ‘The Hunt’ and am enjoying it more now, although it’s still pretty transparent what is going to happen! And I’m afraid to say my eyes have yet to glance over a newspaper, news website or even Tv news report. But I’ll get there!


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